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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Big Boy School

Dear Toad,

Well you did it buddy! Your nerves set in this morning but you sure didn't let it stop you. Your day was a bit bumpy to start, mom would not let you wear sweat pants to school on your first day so we had a bit of a fight. Dad stepped in and next thing I knew you were down stairs ready but nervous.  After a quick call from Grandma to say good luck you were off to get your back pack and head out.

Mom took this idea from a facebook friend(thanks Stephanie) but think it will be a new tradition on the first day of school

look at your mug bug.. still a bit scared about the bus you said. I didn't tell you then but mom was a bit scared too.

One final shot with my big boy before we hit the road

When we got to Granny Nanny you ran in to see the other big boys, they were all excited to have you join them and your buddy Andrew from daycare told you it was okay to be scared but that he would help you (melt mom's heart and made me tear up). It is amazing how sweet and kind you kids are to each other.

One shot of you and your new crew and off we went to the bus stop. Dad drove with Camryn cuss it was raining pretty hard.

As I watched you walking with a backpack and umbrella I could not believe it, where had the 4 years gone? Was I there for it all? Did I miss something how could you be old enough to be doing this? I struggled with tears the whole way, I know you want this and I know you are desperate to be big but on the other side I am desperate to slow down time.
I am desperate to keep you safe and save you from the hardships that go with being a big boy.
I am desperate to give you all the info and tips to help  you and am afraid I have scared you or over loaded you.
I am desperate to hold onto this moment, but as we walked I saw it happen. Right there on the sidewalk you slipped away to the next step of your life and I have to let your hand go.. I have to step back and enjoy the view from behind you. I have to enjoy stories and not be there for them. I have to pick you up when you fall but not stop the fall from happening. Your gonna rock at this but I may take a bit to get there...

Enjoy this stuff Jax , feel nervous cuss that means your excited, try new things and do them well but most of all listen to your inner voice it will always tell you what is right and what is wrong.. Love you buddy xoxox and the view from back here is pretty good so far
Can't wait to hear about the day!!

Love Mom

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  1. Awww - it's so hard to let them move forward! Hope it was an awesome day! (I took pics of my son every first day of school as well - this year was Grade 12!!!)


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