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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I tossed it out there and it Stuck..

For the past few weeks I have been talking to the Toad about the hot topic in our house, school. He is so excited and ready to move up to big school BUT I wanted him to know some kids aren't.

I have told him a bunch of times that if he a kid on the first day is having some trouble go over and introduce yourself and ask ask them to play.

Like many thinks I say to him I feel like he is A not listening or B. just trying to be quiet so I will stop talking and he can get back to playing. 
SO I say things over and over again in hopes that something may stick.

Well this morning Lovely and I went to drop him off at Daycare as he has a staggered start for school and when we arrives Miss Joan told Jax that there was a new kid and pointed over to the book area. Well mister ran over and said (this is a quote )

"Hi My name is Jax I was scared on my first day but then I made friends like D and P and now I am not scared here. You will make friends too."

The kid turned to Jax and said


God I love kids! Hey and something stuck!!!!

Big boy school tomorrow!!!

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