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Friday, September 9, 2011

Top Five

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Our new adventure is just around the corner here in the Gundry house and I am sure your all sick of hearing about it by now but it is our life and kinda big to me :)

So my Top five today is Top five things I have loved about this past year. This past year brought with it great highs and great lows, it showed our family how much you need each other. This past year we have said hello to someone so lovely and cast off to someone so special. We have cried a lot, but we have laughed a lot too. So picking 5 things I have loved was a bit hard. I have been thinking of this post for weeks.

Here we go....

1. I have LOVED watching this relationship grow

Most people see how Camryn reacts to Jax and I do love to see her light up when he enters the room or see how excited she gets when we pull up at daycare.  But I know our Toad and he is in love. She had him at first glance. This is for sure number 1 because it has to be the great joy of my life. I feel so blessed to know that Rob and I have given these kids such an awesome gift. Each Other.

2. I have loved being able to make new memories in our new house. The kids and I have been able to fully use the house, enjoy each room and begin making new memories.

3. I have loved the time with our friends and family. From my long morning chats with Amanda and Pauline to play dates and fun with Nikki and Marion. I have been blessed to enjoy this time with friend and family. I have been able to visit and see my work peeps JL and Steph and get to know their sweet boys. I really have LOVED this time off and being able to spend it with so many awesome people. But hands down our fave memories from this past year were spent with our fam jam my aunt and her kids. These memories will be tucked away in my heart for life. THANK YOU ALL for the best year of memories, yummy coffees , cold beers and laughter.

4. Being Relaxed. Well a bit more at least.. I have loved not starting our morning with a mad rush out the door or ending our day with a mad dash to get dinner and bath done in time. I have loved the lazy mornings and chilled afternoons. I have loved some naps on the couch and fun in the sun. I have loved being able to sit and watch my kids rather then rush them about. Starting Monday weekends will mean so much more to me..

5. Lovely! If not for you this year would not be and our family would be missing its final member. Lovely we waited a long time to have you and know for sure it was for a reason.. You were not ready to join us yet. You have added such joy and love to our hearts and family. Your scrunched up smile lights up my day, the way you wake up smiling and seem to find great joy in small simple things is amazing. I feel blessed to have had a year to get to know you and look forward to the future I know you will grow into such an amazing little girl. xoxoxoxo

enjoy your weekend and hug those people important to you a bit longer.. Life is short and to anyone who speaks to me on Sunday I am sooo sorry for the uncontrollable crying in advance.

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