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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Still Alive(I think)

Holy Crap! Yeah is it Tuesday it feels like it should be December.. We are alive all of us here in Gundryland. Bare with me as this post will be point form as I am doing it with one eye closed.

~Cried Nope not till today when I thought of Miss Lovely being at daycare till 5 on her birthday.. ahhh tears streaming down one open eye now..

~First day back was like walking into your childhood home but a different family was there?? Strange but still felt like home. Thank god for my girl Lindsay who took good care of me!

~Kids have not skipped a beat.. Toad is just movin forward going where I drive him and Lovely well other then being shattered by bed she is doing fine..

~Momma sure lost her morning groove but I will get it back and I will beat the morning rush(insert eye of the tiger music).

~Today at Lunch I told Lindsay she was eating like a real big girl and I was happy to see I didn't have to clean up anything after our lunch. Plus she didn't come to the table scream and say I DON'T WANT THIS FOR LUNCH... strange really.

~Tired Oh Hell Yeah...

~ It's a good thing I sit on my ass all day cuss I don't get to sit down again till 9 at my night job.

~I am glad to be back at work ..shhhhhhhh

~ I have not lost it totally.. I need a bit more time but I feel like my brain may have a chance.

~Big school sends home a lot of homework. For parents

~ Witching hour just got a whole lot worse up in da joint.

~I miss my friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ New fave drivin song ....

Two days down and I have survived droppin my daughter off for the first time, I have survived 2 days in heels, I have made 7 lunches, 3 breakfast, and 3 dinners. I have heard my kids laugh still and seen them both smile. And so far none of us has died of a broken heart.

Think we may just be okay here.

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