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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tired, Stressed and so are my kids

I know when you have a new baby they tell you to relax cuss the baby feels your stress, I think 4 and almost 1 year old do too. My kids are crabby and crying a lot and out of sorts.. I think 100% it cuss of me but you tell me what you think.

In an attempt to get stuff done and be everything to everyone I tend to spread us a bit thin and jam 20 things into 24hrs and sometimes we get tripped up by my super mom cape.

I am so tired from my year of up at nights + my non stop thinking and planning when i should be sleeping that I have a fuse about as small as Lovely pinkie.

I cry ALL the time about EVERYTHING cuss it maybe the "last" time I see it... Please know I am aware that on September 12th i don't actually die rather just return to work.

I think it is time to put those big girl underpants on and enjoy my last 7 days, hug those shrimps and the big guy a lot , spend time with my friends the girls who have got me through the year , my fam jam the support and reason why I know this going back to work is going to work. And Drink a lot!

hang in there Lovely and Toad momma will be fine in 9 days. Just have to get that first day out of the way! PROMISE..

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