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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Baby Jesus has a headache for sure!

Sorry a bit late.. forgot to post :(

Over the last two days Rob and I have gone to two amazing school/daycare Christmas concerts.
The toad LOVES being on stage (Imagine that) he said to me a couple of weeks ago when talking about the rehearsals that not one family was in the audience.. He was upset that it was just his teacher.

Some kids cry, some freeze but not our Toad he eats it up. I think last night I figured it out that he is most at home or most himself while on stage. That is pretty cool to see your kids spirit shine at something.

The school concert was great but there were 35-40 JK/SK kids on the stage at one time so we didn't really see the Toad. Last night was the daycare one and it ROCKED...

The Toad has no idea that his whole family counts down the days each year to see him perform, but we do.

Last night we got to the church with Nonna, Papa, Grandma x 2 and Rob, Camryn and myself.  Toad was with this class and ready to rock. As they entered the church they all were rockin some shades, a letter around their neck and some form of a prop.

The toad.. He had baby Jesus! BIG responsibility.. Jesus, the lords son was in our little guys hands.. and you guessed it he was rockin a big letter J on his board.

He made it the stage , got into position,  listened as his peeps read off their scripts and then it got to him. He busted out all his info on Baby J. and little did we know he was given 2 letters.. he was moving his J and getting the K out when it happened.. He dropped the lords son on his head! YIKES.. the crowd went crazy laughing and he looked up.. I thought oh great.. I was not worried he would cry I was worried that it would be come his thang.. dropping baby Jesus on his head to get a laugh.. this was not going to be good.. but thankfully he moved on to K rocked it and let the rest of his peeps do their letters :)

We love watching Jax on stage, we love watching our families enjoy the whole thing too but mostly I love how happy it makes our boy! Sorry Jesus!

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