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Sunday, March 6, 2011

For Sale

One new model baby! Sweet and Loving by day, party animal by night. I remember when you first bring your sweet baby home from the hospital you expect to be up at night and you do it.. do you love it? NAH but it is part of the job.
What gets me with each of my little offspring is when they go from sleeping all night to partying at night again. Toad use to at each new stage IE rolling over,standing up, getting a new tooth, trying a new food, seeing a flick of dust change his routine and get up at night. With him he has always been hell to put to bed but once asleep he stays asleep, so if he got up at night we would battle and once he got to sleep he was out again for the night.
With Lovely she now gets up in the night and party's for an hour sometimes 2. Not crying or upset just laughing, yelling and full on awake!
She must not have got my note from the universe that she was to be our easy baby!
Lovely is 5 months old now so she should be able to go all night and not eat but when she is up bustin a move in her crib her belly is rumbling.. ah great just great another mommy internal battle.. do I feed her? do I not? Is she too young to go all night? is she old enough to go with out ? Is there something wrong? Is she getting sick? What is coming down the pipe? AHHHHH all this battling goes on during Lovely dance party each night.
All this partying makes a mom want to scream but then you head into that room and see her buggin around her crib, she smiles up at you and screams with excitement and before I know it I have a beer,my party dress on and we are havin a girls night!

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