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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Tuesday is swimming day in our house, Lovely swims in the morning and the Toad at night so off to the pool we went this morning. It was a nice day the sun was shining I had a large coffee before we arrived I was feeling good!
WOW was I in for a surprise, we entered the sauna of a change room and WHAM naked older women. WHAT THE HELLLL.. this never happens at this pool so I was really shocked, I have changed in that room 200 times with the toad and I have NEVER seen this before. Don't get me wrong women get changed so there is some skin but it is either semi covered or done in the change rooms within the room but this women was full on walking around the toddlers and babies buck naked.
I swear I laugh a bit at the sight, see I had rounded the corner and she was at the blow dryers in all her morning glory. I couldn't really turn and go somewhere else as there was no one in that area but her.. crap! Just don't make any eye contact...
Oh good another mom got caught by the streaker, her face was awesome ha ha, so I started to talk with her we just need to avoid the naked women's looks ...yikes I feel like I know her? hmm don't make eye contact the last thing I want is to be stuck in a chit chat with her.
I was moving fast trying to ram my sweetie in her swimming diapers we are almost done now.. oh no why! why did I look up.. eye to eye we were now going to talk.
Naked Lady-Hi how old is your baby?
Not naked women-5 months
Birthday Suit Betty- ah I have two boys..... insert 6 min chat ARE YOU KIDDING ME
Finally she left to put some damn clothes on. Thank god.. but that is when it all came together, I knew it. I knew I knew her, I knew I had seen her around town and now I will never ever be able to eat A&W again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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