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Friday, March 4, 2011


I know I have said it a billion times in life and on this blog but it is soo true Life is short.. yesterday I decided to double think some of the typical parenting NO I say with out thinking. The kids and I were out getting coffee and gas yesterday when my little sweet boy said Mom can I pump the gas? I said No sorry honey when your older , this is a standard not thinking response I use a lot for such task. Really what I mean is it will take too long if you help me.. why am I always in a rush, why am I always in a hurry why don't I just let him help?
His response stopped me in my tracks, he yelled out Enough! Enough waiting till I'm older, teach me now!
Life is too short all we know is that we have this moment, the moment we are in and my son wants to pump gas... so I said okay but it is a mom and toad job not just a toad job okay! He agreed and yesterday at the PetroCan in his superman PJ'S my baby pumped gas. I wish you could have heard his voice well he was asking me what to do next, or seen his smile as he held the pump. He was doing something "big" and he didn't have to wait. They say you should use your good china or sit in the good living room I say let your kid pump gas and wait in the car it's freezing out there!

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