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Saturday, March 26, 2011

This ain't no Barbie Dream house!

As a mom of a almost 4 year old boy it always strikes me as funny how different boys play then girls. Playing Superhero, Cars, Toy Story or anything really usually results in a ton of smashing.. Smashing toys , crushing hands and even jumping and smashing me.. It is nothing at all like how my sister and I use to play Barbies, no hanging with Barbie's peep Skipper, no carefree driving in her pink convertible with her man Ken and  no fashion shows by the famous Barbie designer Jill Jovichevich, No playing "boy" is so different.

Here are a few pics of a recent AM Batcave play fest...

looks so sweet and carefree

Till the cave gets smashed and crashed (all I wanted was superman to be the lookout)

so they all dive on him and crush him and the cave comes down

oh look a casualty he lost his hand, better him then me!

He said Dad I have your project for today (that is his hand in his)

But at the end of the day he still wants me to play with him, he still gets excited when I take my place on the floor and I can still get in a few kisses, a hug here and there and a ton of laughs with my toad!


  1. That Bat Man castle is like the Barbie Apartment with the elevator I always wanted but never got!
    Love all your blogs Nicole, they are always entertaining and your kids and you will love looking back on these in years to come.

    Love your fashion designer,
    Jill Jovichevich (Potter)

    That is...J O V...I C H... EVICH... UHH!

  2. Yes! I think about this a lot since I only have boys and have nothing to compare it to. Everything is loud, fast, and destructive. Hard to wrap my head around sometimes...


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