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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gone Fishing!

Yesterday I spend the day with one of the most important men in my life , Mac is not doing so well and I am not 100% sure he knew I was there most of the time but what I do know is that I got to have the most amazing day fishing with him.

Bert is on a lot of medication for pain related to bone cancer as well as cancer in different parts of his body, he has been so strong and fought so hard but he is tired and we know our time with him is limited now.. oh gosh even typing that makes me cry..

So we decided on Sunday that my hubby would stayed home from work yesterday so I could go up to see him.
Our sweet Bert was sleeping when I arrived so I sat quietly watching him and remembering all the amazing times we had shared. He started to stir so I went over to see him and he said Oh Hey there sweetie, I started to cry and told him how much I loved him.. we then spent an hour or so alone just sitting.

All I wanted to get from this visit was to hold his hand, to hug him and to tell him I loved him.. SO I of course held that hand soo tight, one small problem he wanted to use his hand.. So finally I let go and watched him work. Bert's eyes were closed for most of the visit but he was working away with his hands.. ah I smiled big and felt great joy as I watch him, I wished we had done this before and not yesterday.

Mom,Grandma and Grandpa arrived and I said He's fishing.. our fisherman was happy and working away at getting the big catch.. I will save that moment in my memory bank as one of great joy and sorrow of my life.. I wish we had fished together on a sunny day in Bayfield but I am so happy we got to do it either way. I love you Bert!!

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  1. Great day. Don't worry about what you've missed in life - just cherish what you have. I know I'm preaching to the choir 'cause you do this better than most.


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