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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Day the World was Deep Fried!

This Saturday the hubby and I dropped the kidlets off at Nonna and Papa got a home cooked dinner and then headed out for the night. We had not see the soon to be Richardson family in a long time and with no ball this summer we were in need of a fix.. Add in the Walters crew and you got yourself a fun night.

Rob wanted to go to The Palasad  and go bowling and have some beers, so after a few at Chris and Andrea we headed out, little did we know this was going to turn into the night the world was deep fried.. Palasad has some yummy yummy deep fried treats and we tried them all.. But the big draw was for the Deep Fried Pickles YUMMO

but of course we added in some wings.. only there was a race to the big one and someone lost this one to Rob.. don't worry buddy you got the Jersey so your okay!

the problem with a night of all you can eat deep fried everything and endless pitchers of draft beer is your belly doesn't feel that hot the next day :( but I would say it was 100% worth it as I had a wonderful time out with amazing friends, family and my awesome hubby..

Here are a few more pics from the night.. and p.s we are planning another one of these nights for Rob's bday at the end of April.. all those who want to join are welcome! and maybe next time we will be bowling ha ha

 I was there well half of me was :)

The perfect pour sweet Andrea
Time to go home I think :)

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