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Thursday, March 3, 2011

BBQ next time!

Yesterday was one of those days that started off with great promise, and then went crashing down. It is a good thing that we as a family are able to laugh amid a crappy day!
After a long day out of the house Rob and I were not in the mood to cook the steaks we had marinating in the fridge, it had some how turned into a pizza night. Poor Krista lost out on a steak dinner :(
Krista arrived for our sleepover and I ordered pizza, we have a new Domino's in Tillsonburg so I thought we could give it a try. The pizza was delivered in like 15 mins which was a bonus as the Witching hour was fast approaching however I was not prepared for the driver!

I answered the door and asked the driver to step in as I had still not located my purse. Patiently he stood in our front hall well I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off looking for my stuff. I ran to the back living room NOPE, Kitchen NOPE I was starting to think I had lost it when I called out to Mr. OCD,"do you know where my purse is?" "YEP" in the closet.. oh yes where it is suppose to go.. sorry honey!

PIZZA DRIVER... focus  focus! As I was rounding the corner to our front hall I saw sweet little toad toddling out to see our guest.. AH he loves company and he loves to talk to anyone.
So I was not prepared for what came next.. He said in a very humours and trouble making voice "Hi Fat Man!"
I was shocked and had NEVER heard him say that before..quick cover up for him quick I looked at him well scrambling to get my debit card out and said Toad don't say that we only say that to daddy..
WHAT? did I just say that? yikes we dont' say that to Rob what am I doing, this is not going good, I must have had a glimmer of laughter in my voice (kids feed off this) cuss he kept going... Hi there FAT MAN! Why was Fat man coming in so clear, why was he saying that soooo much louder then the other words??
Oh great here comes Kris she will get him and take him away as I crawl under our welcome mat... oh nope she was just getting her purse and laughing I think..oh man he is still here...
I tried to frantically punch in the pin # and very large tip so he would be able to leave but the toad had now made it a song Hi Fat Man, Hi there Fat Man.. what up Fat man.. oh my god this is insane..
BEEP communication error ARE YOU KIDDING ME.. the delivery man looks up at me and says sorry we will have to try again.. your saying sorry to me?
Oh gosh please let it work the poor man just wanted to deliver his pizza and go, not be called insulting names by a 4 year old.. As I try again Rob appears,thank god he will get him and he does but not before one more song and dance around FAT MAN...
I took the pizza thanked Fat man I mean the Pizza delivery guy and crawl back in the house. As the door closed I heard the laughter erupt from the kitchen.. yeah yeah all fun and games unless your the one there looking the poor man in the eyes.

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  1. OMG... I have tears running down my face right now. That was hilarious. I was waiting for you to say that you slipped on the carpet and slide right in to
    Got to love the Gundry house... never a dull moment! xo KL


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