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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Acts Of Love

Last night as I laid awake thinking.. wow I do that too much, I was thinking how at this time of great sadness I have witnessed so many amazing acts of Love. Of course the most vivid one is my mom and our fisherman, the way they hold each others hands, the way they look at each other, the way my mom helps Bert with everything from a glass of water to putting cream on his hands, it is amazing. My mom would be the first to tell you these past few weeks have been beautiful. I know it sounds strange but when you get to have such amazing conversations with the person you love before you lose them it is life changing and beautiful.

I also have witnessed the most amazing acts of love and friendship, it brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart fill with such love. Our famous Barbie designer and my aunt have been besties since, well since I was playing Barbies. She is not only a friend but family, and the other day my aunt was going to be going up to say her goodbyes and was of course extremely sad, sad for herself, her husband but so sad for her children's up coming lose (as we all are) and there at the door step was just what she needed.. Her bestie with some beautiful flowers! But that was not what see needed the most, it was what followed a long, LONG hug. The only kind of hug you can get from someone you love and trust. I stood there watching and thought that is what friendship is about, it is about knowing when your friend needs a laugh, when they need a long hug and when they just need to see you. I too have taken some of those long long hugs from my besties as well probably my favourite thing is sharing memories of their relationships with Mac.

But for me there is one buddy who has shown me the most amazing compassion and loving friendship, Miss P you have let me interrupt her family time with countless tear filled calls where she has listened and shared in my sorrow and fear and never rushed me to finish or made me feel like she would rather be doing something else and that means the world to me.

All my friends have been so wonderful and loving to our family, from daily calls to check in to emails to say they are thinking of us (thank you they mean a lot), to phone calls to see how Al is doing, emails from as far away as Vancouver and Ireland to share their personal experiences with Al or with lose, to meeting my mom for lunch and a quick trip away from the hospital.

Life is about the relationships we make and the lives that we touch and I want you all to know that you have touched mine and helped me so much during this hard time.
My mom is amazing at looking at the positive in this and most situations and the love and support of those around her makes it so much easier to stay focused on what is important. And that is time with her bestie.

One last note, when someone is going through something hard or extremely sad I know most people like myself feel like we don't know what to say or how to make them feel better but I will tell you something from past experience and this one too you don't always remember what people said but you always remember if they were there..
Enjoy the sun on your face today!!

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