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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Kelly Belly

Today is my oldest friends birthday. Happy Birthday Kelly Belly! I have literally known her since she was born, I am sure our parents had drinks and played darts that night :)

Our families could very well be on Days of Our Lives, see my mom dated her dad and stayed friends after, her dad was buddies with my dad who of course got married to my mom and then we all lived happily ever after.. well for 17 years or so!

Miss Kelly is like a sister to me, our families spent every weekend together growing up and the memories are countless.We would played barbies for hours, my dad still calls Brownies Twinkies cuss of you, there were nature hikes that could have turned you into a Cyclops, I lost my first tooth standing beside you eating an apple, we added a boy to the mix when Shaun was born, Your mom gave me my favourite childhood birthday present (a tub of grated Mozzarella Cheese), you call my grandparents grandma Joan and Papa Ken, We got caught smoking together, ah kel if you put the smoke up your sleeve the smoke will still comes out the end!

We may not see each other as much anymore but we have been to each others weddings and spent a day each summer  introducing our kids to our favorite place on earth... I am sure I never missed a birthday of ours growing up so I didn't want today to go by without wish you a HUGE happy birthday and tell you how much I LOVE YOU and all the amazing memories that go along with our lifelong friendship xox

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