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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Boys Weekend

Well the Hubby got off nice and early this morning for his boys weekend. Well really a boys night away, the roads were closed last night so they were not able to get off till today.

So the kids and I are flying solo today.. what to do what to do.. have a sleepover at Nonna and Papa's... ha ha I am not crazy why not have some help and an amazing dinner YUMMO!

As we speak I am watching the toad play Wii with Nonna and kill himself laughing, Lovely is in the circle of neglect, dinner is smelling soo good and I plan to end the night off with a soak in the hot tub.. Life is pretty sweet!

If you ask the Toad what his dad is doing right now he will tell you getting drunk with his buddies, he sure is a smart little guy.. wonder what he will say next weekend when it is Mommy's night out with her girlfriends??
Happy Saturday everyone! Let the countdown begin for girls night 7 days!

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