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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wow that chick Rocks

I have had the weekend to admire Cartoon Nicole, Wow she looks good! I told Danielle when she sent me the 1st Cartoon me that I am not at all that Fab in real life and we would need to change her a bit.
I look at CN(Cartoon Nicole) and I think wow that girl looks to have it all together, first look how skinny she is. She must make the time for herself to work out, she must get up early and do it before her kids get up. I think she likes the early mornings maybe a bit of quiet mediation's as well before the days starts. She would do that to collect herself and be at peace for the day. (no not like real Nicole)

Her shirt looks clean, what the hell !
Is her son looking at the camera hmm she must be way more relaxed the the Real me..
I bet she never would forget her son soccer orientation, or a friends birthday. I bet she always gets everything she needs from the grocery store on the first trip. She seems like the type who is never to tired to stay up and watch the ball game with her husband. She would never have her friends over with dirty floors or a full dishwasher.

She ROCKS. I just hope Rob and the kids don't start to get confused and expect me to be like her cuss I am tired just imagining her life.

Happy Tuesday and p.s only 3 more sleeps till Girls weekend!

Monday, May 30, 2011

My new digs

I want to say a BIG huge thank you to my new mom buddy Sarah at Not so Silent Mommy who introduced me to Danielle and her awesome blog design..

Ms. Danielle Design's

I contacted Danielle and we came up with some fun ideas and YIPPPEE my new blog look!! I love it and would love to know what you think.

I have a fun post for tomorrow all about how I want to be more like the new Cartoon Me..
Thank you Danielle for your professionalism, your speed and my freakin awesome new page..

Happy Monday!!

Spirited Soccer

In case I have not yet explained it enough on here the Toad is a complex little dude. He is beyond sweet, he loves his sister more then his little body can handle. He has the BEST imagination I have seen in a kid his age and he plays awesome on his own or with his best buddies. He is slap your knee funny and will often in a day just say I love you mommy or daddy etc. He at times has awesome manners and is so quick to say thank you for doing stuff with him.

BUT he is a grump ass a lot too. So we can go from HAPPY to GRUMPY fast.. I think in baby books they say this is called Spirited. My book would call it crazy as all hell.. or like his mother..

So Soccer was one of these times.. He woke up PUMPED so excited and very cooperative to get ready and out in time. We drove there laughing and making jokes, my loving husband even  turned the car around so I could get a glimpse of "new new dad" a local doctor (not the kids new dr)  out for a run. As we arrived the boys got Toad's new cleats on and he was pumped just see..

We headed toward the field, the place was swarming with little kids and their tired parents all carrying large coffee's. 

We of course had no idea what the coach looked like since Awesome mom that I am I missed the Orientation/meet the coach night. We asked someone at the gate and they pointed him out us.. (Thank you random man).

Toad was pretty jazzed he was running around and excited. We arrived the Coach ask him his name FLASH Gundry he responded.. oh yeah this gets us lots of looks, it is his superhero name ..

The coach was excited to give him his shirt and new soccer ball. NOW when most kids that got their new soccer ball I am sure they were happy, this is what happen to the Toad when he got his.

Yeah our kid got pissed! He didn't want to use that ball he wanted to use the one we had at home.
Okay we went from going Great to craptastic!!

Thankfully the coach got started with a popular and excellent soccer building drill of Follow the Leader

The toad then showed off the soccer skills he learnt this winter when we paid 95 bucks for his last soccer session

Yes the Toad learnt to stand on the ball. I was thankful he remembered how to do it so I would not feel that we totally wasted our money.

Toad did end up having fun, he chatted up the girls on the team

He listened to the Coach which is really what we wanted the most.

Finally he was having a great time, one of his bestie even showed up early for his own game to watch Toad play. This made Toad's day but there was one small problem, Toad's  2 besties are on the same team and they played after his "game". So soccer did not end as we had hoped..

Hopefully next weekend will be better. I know it will be for me cuss I will be in Bayfield relaxing with my girls :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bayfield, Fisherman, and laughter.. all remind me of Girls Weekends Past!

holy S&^% the sun is out.. blog is gonna be short so I can head out and enjoy the day with my fam jam!!

I have 5 more sleeps till Girls weekend so I thought I would share some fun pics from past girls weekends and the history of the weekend. When I had the Toad I had pretty bad PPD so by October I was losing it really good and needed a weekend away. My sweet hubby allowed me to use a gift cert we had a for a nice bed and breakfast in Bayfield to spend time with my ladies.. this started the girls weekend.. We have added some awesome girls who were not able to make the first. We have a journal that we write in each year and I count down the days each year to this weekend!
I love my friends so much and I could not have made it through that first year of motherhood if I had not had them. And the past year I had would have been a lot worse if I didn't have their friendship. Hell life would suck with out you girls xoxo

Enjoy the shots.. and for my girls the laughs.. I just killed myself at a bunch of them...

First Girls weekend 2007 Krista,Keri, Em and I

Wigs the second night..

Second Girls weekend 2008 Keri, Krista,Myself and Amanda

ah the year of the fisherman!!

what we learn each year is Saturday AM breakfast sucks!

Kathy Arrived!

and Emma!!

the funniest time EVER!!

Lexi first Girls weekend.. back said I drink till I pass out!!

Pauline could come this year!! YIPPPEE

crossing stuff off our bucket list (we hope)

oh krista I am crying laughing right now!! Ha Ha

LOVE IT!! Thank you Kenny!!

1 2 3 Amanda .. not fun to be the beer girl when your prego..

Girls weekend 2009

girls weekend 2010!! OR the year I was prego..

1 2 3 Nicole.. get me a drink :( ha ha I had fun

Purse at the Campfire ha ha

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Good To Know

I love the regular Saturday post I do of what I learned in a week but feel it is better called Good To Know, this is not the only change you will be seeing around here in the coming weeks.. Can't wait to share the fun stuff with you all !!
Happy Weekend Everyone Toad's first soccer game today!

~ Apparently Sheep don't like to be honked at .. why else would a farmer put a sign up asking you to not honk at them..

~ Lovely is NOT a fan of grass! Here's hope this follows her to that first High school party and she continues to just say NO to grass!

~ This past weekend my boy was dirtier then I have ever seen him and I put him to bed like that!..

~ My amazing sister in law is growing a third penis... I am so excited to be an auntie again to another Walters Boy

~Lovely can not only crawl but has pulling herself up on things, feeding herself off her tray,drinking from her shippy cup, holding her own bottle and talking on the phone to boys.
WHAT?!? soon enough.

~I am that person who pick stuff up on the side of the road! Yikes if this DIY turns out pics to follow.. or Rob will be making a trip to the dump with it! One or the other!

~Love going to the movies.. Thanks Amanda date well needed!

~We have got the worst lawn on Friendly Ave.. Calling Dr Grass.. that's you Loebach

~Baby Girl is about to learn what some call Tough love.. no more getting your rents up at 2,4,5 am cuss your gonna have to get yourself back to sleep... One night down one night good!

~Those two teeth have been in someones skin already.. Lovely maybe able to get a role in the next Twilight movie...

~ Lovely will ONLY play with Toad's toys.. this is not good when you have OCD 4 year old and a 8 month old who leaks from the mouth there is a lot of good creative parenting needed to make them both happy.

~6 days till girls weekend, 2 glories nights and days with my chicks.. books,mags,loud laughter, sun(HOPEFULLY) and maybe a drink here or there .. god I can not even wait!!
Why is Rob not counting down to two days with the kids?? strange..

~ I am going to be linking this back to my new mom buddy Sarah as she does a version of Good To Know each week and is fun to read as well.. :)

Enjoy your Saturday and lets hope we get to see some sun today !!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Top Five

Listography from Kate Takes 5 : Top 5 Things I'd Change About My Wedding:

Hmm well I did love my wedding I have very little I would change even 6 years later

1.. MY hair! I loved it so much that day(thank you Amanda) but now I look back and think I wish I wore it half up half down??

2. I wish we had more lighting in the hall.

3. I wish someone would have video taped our first dance... I was busy dancing and missed Emma signing and Steve playing the guitar.. I wish I could listen to it again.. Maybe when we renew our vows.

4. It was very hot! I would have had water at the wedding for the guest.

5.This is a very big wishes not changes for our wedding. I wish our very close friend did not have to receive life altering news not just at our wedding but EVER. I would change that for you if I could.. xo

I loved our wedding but I loved it not because of the dress , the flowers or the location (all things I did love) but I loved it cuss I got to marry Rob and do it with our closest friends and family and we did it in our style. I hope those who attended remember that day the way we do as fun and filled with love..

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coupons,List and Flask Time to grocery shop!

Yesterday was grocery day! I love having a cleaned out fridge and filling it with fresh veggies and fruit and junk food.

I also love the experience of grocery shopping!!
CRAZY I know, but hear me out.
The best part for me about the experience is always, ALWAYS the people watching.

The young kids wandering from one check out to the next trying to get the fastest check out as they have so many uber important things to do that day. And they do this all well texting or yelling on their cell phones.

Or the single guys with their mini carts, you know the one that is basically a basket but on wheels. They always have the same things, cold meat, soups, some TV dinners, bread and Toilet Paper. Love these guys they make me smile each time. I always think the last item made them stop in and why not stock up while their are there...

But my fave is your shopping partner, you know the person,couple or family that you cross paths with in each aisle. As you move to the next aisle you see them coming down the other side and you smile, you node, you ignore whatever but you are connected for that trip.

OH and we can't forget the mom's who are about to losing their shit on their kids..and this my friends was my shopping partner yesterday.

The first time we met I had the toad in my cart and was bookin it, getting stuff crossing off my list and ignoring the non stop talking of mini me. When I saw her I knew she was doing the same, only she had 2 young kids.. YIKES one in the back of the cart and one in the cage/kid seat up front,the kids were yelling at each other and fighting. I looked at her and gave her that, I get it smile. She looked at the Toad and smiled back, no doubt thinking oh that chick has it easy, only one kid!

We moved along the aisle and were making our way to the next when I heard it.. the one kid started to scream and cry. I WANT OUT, I WANT OUT , I WANT OUT.. I WANT OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh man I felt for her, we all hate those moments.

The moments where we wish we could push the cart into a tall tower of paper towels watching them crash down around the screaming child. Muting them if only out of pure shock. And then I imagine turning and running out of the store to a new life. A life free of over dramatic, crazy train, unappreciative kids.  I always think when I see mom's in these moments.. where is my flask this chick needs a swig!

 side note we all have a pile of flask kicking around from our husbands wedding party gifts.. please fill it up next time you go grocery shopping and offer it to that mom cuss at the least she will laugh..

I am the kind of mom that in those moments I leave a full ass cart and take my screaming, out of control alien to the car and head home. This women however was on a mission, she was not going to let these kids win. No! She was going to get her stuff and then head to the car to smash the kids heads together explain the proper way to handle yourself in public.

As she moved to the next aisle Rob arrived and took the Toad and headed to the Toy section of Wal-Mart, as I passed my poor new friend the next time I think I saw tear in her eyes as she noticed my son was gone. I half smiled and said what I think each time I see this happening to other mom;s.. There by the grace of God it is not me this time.
She laughed and said Yeah and I wanted to have two! ha ha..

All this was exchanged just in passing, well her son screamed and I reached for salad dressing. We don't know each other, we will never see each other again, and it didn't matter cuss we said to each other I get it, I have been there and your kid maybe crazy but so is mine! This is what makes mom's so awesome! Thanks to my shopping partner and next time sister I will have a drink ready for you in the cracker aisle promise!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'll show you mine if you show me yours?

I always wonder what is in other women's purse so why not let you see mine.. No glamour here sorry ladies!

wow that is a ton of crap....

1. Empty Makeup bag
2. 2 sets of keys.. yeah Krista I am an old lady now!!
3. One baby sock (and here I thought it got lost in the dryer)
4. Lip glosses A LOT
5. One clear gloss nail polish
6. A hydro bill
7. An old car insurance slip
8.One chew toy for Lovely
9. 2 crampons (as Toad calls them)
10. One empty Tim's Card
11. my wallet
12. My shades (surprise I only had one pair in there)
13. A empty straw wrapper
14. A cheeseburger wrapper
15. Hand Sanitizer
16. Kleenex (kids style of course! god I am such a mom)
17. An empty envelope?
18. A crumpled up ATM receipt
19. A pen and pencil
20. Ahh my good OLD pay as you go Cell phone that is never charged and always out of minutes!
21. One Toad.. how he fit in my purse I will never know :)

Happy Wednesday Everyone, Now I want to see other's purses!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's not you, It's Me

That's right, today I had to do something I have not had to do in over 10 years, Break up! It was just like I remembered it to be. Barf!

I was up last night worrying about it, how would he react? We have been together for a long time. Would he be mad? Would he understand? I felt sick as I drove no one likes to break up even if you know it is best for you.

But as much as I was sick about it I had taken a bit of extra time to get ready today, you still want to look good when you break up with someone.

As the time approached my stomach was turning, my hands were sweating, my face was red. Oh man was this what I was like when I use to break up with other guys? It was finally time to drop the bomb!

I looked at Rob for assistance but no he was leaving this break up for me, Dr D it is not you it's me..

I have to move my kids to a doctor closer to home. Yikes there I said it!

He looked shocked but he did as most men do, he acted like he didn't care.

No no he was kind and sweet to us and wished us luck and told us he was always here for us if we needed him..feels good to still be wanted after a break up!

Glad the break up with our kids doctor is over and don't worry ladies this break up will not send me to the hair salon to cut my hair or do something drastic like that .

Monday, May 23, 2011

Date Day!

You heard it I have actually been able to pull off a date!

We put it in our calendar and we are going to do it! A bit of lunch and a movie, honestly what could be a better way to end a long weekend.

We arranged for someone to be with the kids, we will have showers and get ready, we will listen to some music on the way to the date and turn it up if we want and listen to a whole song with out having to answer ANY questions.

We will be excited to chat and enjoying some lunch, WE WILL LAUGH.. God will we laugh.. It will remind us why we love each other so much. I have even shaved my legs for this date! I have been looking forward to this day for a week and can't believe it is here already!!

Can't wait to meet up for lunch and a chick flick with my girl.. xoxo Love ya Amanda see you soon!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Big Boy

So as you all know I live in a house of "isums" two boys who have OCD and have made my life a living hell a wonderful learning experience. So when Toad turned 4 we wanted to start adding to his Child Labour work/ chores, he is now responsible to make his bed each morning. Well without fail each morning before he comes downstairs he makes his bed. Yippee one more thing of my must do list each day. But one more thing he is crazy over doing.

This sunny Saturday morning I was relaxing and enjoying my Massive coffee with Miss Lovely when the Toad came down very upset!! Great 7 am and your already a grump ass, this should be a freakin awesome day of travel, too much sugar and not enough sleep I can hardly wait! note to self need more beer!
I said to him what is up with you? He said you didn't make your bed! I said no cuss Daddy is in it. He replied NO he isn't. I looked at him and said where the hell is he?

He marched his little Iron Man ass upstairs to figure this out, when he reached the top of the stairs he opened the bathroom door and proceeded to give his dad the business. Big boys make their beds you know! Rob god love him said OKAY Close the door..

My little shortie is going to be up for a raise in his allowance if he can get his dad to make the bed too.

Lesson Learned

Another week WOW.. Happy May 2 4 to my Canadian friends and to my American friends this is our long weekend that kicks off summer. It usually involves camping and one day of Rain. OH and a lot of our national drink Beer!

What I learned this week

~I miss sunny days already come on Mother Nature your about due for a throat punch!

~ Wow Monday = bitchy mommy watch out kids and hubby take cover

~Love me some GT Boutique and my fun new jogging Capri's

~ I am gonna blow if I don't get a day of adult chat. for real my head will pop off my friggin body!

~ Our Toad can make me laugh in the most unexpected ways and I love that.

~ This will be the only time I will proudly announce that Lovely has bruised up knees!

~ Frig Babies go from not crawling to runnin around the house

~ I spend 75% of my day wiping someones ass

~ I am sucking at keeping up with my running. I just don't know when to do it? No time :( and I hate it!

~ A morning coffee with my mother in law can make my day.. and the kids!

~Lunch with an old friend can bring equal parts tears and laughter!

~Love Fridays but Love them more when attached to a long weekend and EVEN more when the following week my husband is off!

~ 2 weeks to girls weekend!! I know I am not the only sister counting down!

~Oprah I am starting to freak out now, when are you going to call this whole thing off?

~ Note to self cutting the grass makes you want to have a beer.. only cut grass in the PM

~Kelsey's has TWO menu items with the same name(one is a pasta one is just chicken/potatoes!) and since waitress's are just not like they use to be you should clarify yourself if you wish to eat with your family

ah another week Full of lessons..happy Saturday!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rob Gordon In Da House!

If you have ever watched High Fidelity you know that John Cusack character Rob Gordon loves to name his top 5 whatever.. Rob and I use to do this a lot and since blogging I have seen this done on a lot of different people pages in different ways.

I was toying with the thought when I read one on site that said 5 products you could not live with out.. hmm this is harder then you think.. but here is mine in no order just 5 things.

for real my kids would be left on in the garage if momma didn't have coffee. I remember one day we were out of coffee and Rob left for work and returned with a Tim's for me. I said oh that was sooo sweet, his response was "Well I wanted my kids to be alive when I get home from work". Well said Daddy!

2.Or my version of Valium...Don't need one everyday but it sure does make that crazy sprint to bedtime that much more enjoyable. Cutting that lime after a long day makes me actually smile. They say you should enjoy every bite of food you take well I have days well cooking dinner that I have stopped and enjoyed each swig of that bevy.

3. For real her books have changed the dynamic of our house, it has made our family more cooperative and loving. Toad is a unique little dude with his own very strong opinion (awesome when he is older I want him to scream No to bad kids just not to me ha ha). If you have not read one of her books I suggest Amazon it up and get one.. You will not waste your time. THANK YOU ALYSON bedtime has forever been better cuss your in our life!

4  I remember back to the day when I use to wash my hair everyday and do it. ah to be young again.. but till I go back to work the clip saves my life!

5. My Laptop! Love to blog, Love to chat with other Adults and as I found out this past month when I didn't have one.. I have no way of getting someones phone number.. ha ha we have NO phone book..

Happy Friday Everyone and hope you have an amazing long weekend. I will be spending mine with my Fam Jam, this 2 4 will be a sad one as it will mark our first family visit to Bayfield with out our favorite fisherman. We love and miss you so much Al xoxoxoxo

Enjoy your peeps this weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friendship~ Toad Style

Each day I try so very hard to remember how lucky I am , I try to tell those I love that I love them and to reach out and love the peeps that keep me going over the years. And if this somehow rubs off on my kids I will feel so blessed.

Yesterday we had the Health Fair and well I was in the shower I had a brilliant thought.. They are not going to look in his ears but rather put some headphones on and test his hearing that way.. I of course screamed for the Toad who was on our bed watching TV and nearly fell off when I yelled. He came running into our washroom and I told him my brilliant thought. I told him I was not 100% but thought we maybe okay. He seemed happy but still looked a bit nervous :(

As we drove to the church he looked out the window and was quiet (not like him) We arrived at the church and I knew he was nervous, along the walk to the church he kept asking me if they were going to look in his ears I told him he may have to be brave today. And even when we feel like we can't do it we might just be able to.. He smiled and I thought wow way to go Mom he will be okay..

Then it happened he said Is Paxton here now? Oh it was not my wisdom passed onto him in a moment of fear but the thought of his best buddy being there that made him smile. hmm feel a bit silly. But then it hit me and I smiled HUGE.. I too would feel so much better at the thought of my bestie being there when I was nervous, imagine a big job interview and as you walk in you knew your best friend would be waiting for you inside. I would breath a lot easier too.

As we approached the sign up desk Toad ran and sat down the lovely lady asked him his name and he told her but quickly followed it with the question of the day, Is Paxton here yet? 
The women looked at her list and said no not yet but he should be here anytime now.
Fine with Toad.

We moved on to weight and measurements I watched so proudly as he followed direction and then I thought wow he is loving this but then I heard it,  PAXTON!

I turned to see the P-Man and his dad. The kids ran to each other and hugged. I laughed cuss I knew he was doing what he saw me do a million times with my friends. Hug!!

Now I don't yell my buddies name when they arrive at our home and run from the kitchen to hug them so hard they nearly fall over BUT I may change all that next time I see them, cuss it looks soo loving!

The boys carried on and did awesome at the Health Fair, they moved from station to station and yelled to each other about cool things they saw at different stations. I watched as they explained the different things they saw, and when it was all done they said goodbye the same way they said Hello, with a MASSIVE hug and see you tomorrow.

Each night before I fall asleep I think of a moment or thing that I learned that day, yesterday I learned I want to be a friend like my son. I want to light up when my friend enters a room, I want to say their name with such joy that they see it in my eyes, I want to be so excited to tell them something I can hardly get the words out clear, I want to run to them and hug them like I have missed them more then I can control, I want to laugh and enjoy the small things with them and I want to be sad so sad I almost cry when I have to leave them even if I will see them the next day.

Imagine what that feels like to have a friend like that.. I want to be a friend like Toad is.. SO I went to bed feeling blessed that maybe just maybe he can rub off on me!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eyes, Ears, Mouth and Nose

Today is a big day in our house, Toad is going to the Oxford County Pre-School Health Fair.
The Flyer advertises the event to be for Children entering school for the first time are offered vision, hearing and dental screening, evaluation of immunization status, and an opportunity to participate in seven interactive stations with their parents.

On the flyer it ask parents to bring two things along, their child's Health Card and their Immunization card.

Okay first this appointment was made in December so I feel I should give myself a star for even remembering it (they did do a reminder call yesterday so I guess that star is gone. CRAP).
So Health Card easy but the Immunization card..hmmmmm not sure where that is??  Now some could use the excuse that we just moved, still I don't think I knew where it was before we moved. And we moved 6 months ago.. nice try Nicole.

Great, just Great I am that mom!  I am going to go to this event with all those "awesome" moms who didn't lose an important document of their child. No star for this move Nicole!! Wait I know where my kid is right now, does that give me a star? No worth a shot I guess. So I did what any irresponsible mom would do I made the 45 minute drive yesterday morning to avoid the stares of those "awesome" moms and got a new card from the doctor.. wait where did i put it? KIDDING

When I returned from London I read the description of the event again and that is when I saw it, something that jumped off as a PROBLEM, Hearing test..

Yikes Toad will not let a doctor or Nurse get near his ears, and lucky for me he woke up good and grumpy today!
I guess there is no way to avoid those stares now, see he has a whole gig that he does when his ears are being check it involves screams and yells (loud) and trying to run away. I have to actually hold him down to get his ears checked.

This should be a great shot for those awesome moms to take home to their play groups.. You will never believe what I saw at the Health Fair..a mom sweating and frantic sitting on her poor kid, he was screaming and yelling and telling her NO MOMMY NO  but she just plopped her fat ass right on him. Can you believe it?

Oh look at the time.. Off to the fair we go.. to be continued!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DIY Project

So I love the idea of gettin in there and doing something for yourself, I love that we can change the look of something old and make it new and fresh but the small problem is that I am NOT handy or crafty. So when I found myself unhappy hating our dinning room chairs I was so worried about tackling them myself, but I thought well nothing and I mean NOTHING could be worse then what they look like now.

Rob and I were ALWAYS very embarrassed when anyone would come and sit on them, we purchased this set when we were newbie parents and were so not thinking. They have white cushions YIKES i just heard all you moms and dads let out a gasp.. yeah white what the hell! So here is the before shot (you will see why we wanted to have no dinner guest)

yes that is highlighter,dirt, food and anything else you can imagine

I wanted to add neon or bright green to our house somewhere and Rob suggested the chairs.. hmm I thought this could work, we have dark wood base and the bright colour will look good.. but again where do I start, what do I have to do ahhhhh so overwhelming..

First pack the kids up and head to the local Fabricland (if I can even find it) so I did know one thing MEASURE the chairs..yippee not just a frumpy butt i am !

So after a small chat with the sales women we were over looking at fabric.. I wanted something green was all I knew she took my measurements and x the # of chairs I needed to cover and told me I would need 2 meters of fabric. I thought about it for a second and did the math myself  # of Chairs x measurements + my inability = 3 meters.. now to find the fabric!

Well wouldn't you know it I found some awesome discontinued fabric.. for you non fabric buys (like me) that = CHEAP! so $27.83 later the kids and I were cruising in the van on our way home to get started.

First step- kids in bed! Check!
Second Step- Corona open and lime in Check!
Third Step- Get supplies ready, stapler,fabric and scissors CHECK!
Fourth Step- say a little prayer -check
And begin..

First one got done and I must say they turned out AWESOME!! I was soo excited, I felt this strange sense of pride. For god sake they are chair covers not kind respectful kids that i have raised.. But still I have never done a DIY that I have loved and I love this !

Check them out and let me know what you think?

Happy Monday everyone! Have a great day!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lessons Learned

I'm back!!

Yippee almost 2 weeks no computer YIKES.. First a big fat thank you to Ritchie and Andrea for letting us crash yesterday and hang well Mr. Ritchie fixed up our new laptop to get us back to the world of Facebook, bloggin and Fantasy baseball pools..

Lessons learned last week were LOTS

~I may have the best husband ever who spoiled myself, mom and Grandma on Mother's day THANK YOU !!

~A mother's Day treat at daycare ROCKS

~Surprise sunny mornings spent at the park with your cousins is how you should start each week! thanks for the call Nikki awesome idea!

~I can get a LOT done with no computer to distract me..

~  I love to blog and missed it when I couldn't do it.. like the ability to get it out of my brain :)

~I have to sit on my kid to get his hair cut..

~ feel like a slacker on walks with Marion and Nikki (both have twins)

~ your first scrapped knee on pavement can feel like the end of the world when your 4

~ soccer shoes and uniform will be the only clothes worn by the toad this summer! Thanks Mom xox

~ Doing something for a stranger is the best feeling EVER!!

~ Love having family over and watching your kids love them.. :)

~ Baby Lovely got 2 teeth and started to crawl in 2 weeks

~ as of Friday there is only 4 months left in this girls Mat leave :(

~ I love my kids to death and love to hang with them but need a day off SOON.. Bring on Girls weekend in t-minus 3 weeks..
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