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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Don't Judge a Daycare Parent by their Cover or kid for that matter

Yesterday I was having a chat with my girlfriend and we were talking about a Baby at her son's daycare who cries all the time, she said her and the other moms are afraid to make eye contact with said baby in fear of sending him into hysterics. She then mentioned how her husband got a glimpse of cry babies parent well picking up their son.

We then went into a FULL convo on this kids parent, she was young and didn't seem to much different then us.

I laughed after are "we" what Norm is? How did we get put at the top of that scale? I am not sure if those in charge of the Norm scale have see the two of us on a good night out? Or on our worst days at home with our kids.

Either way it made me think that on lots of occasions Rob and I as well as my girls and I have talked about other parents at the daycare.
We have speculated about them, how happy their relationships are or where Jim Bob and Sally Dad is?

Or if little Chastity's mom is actually a street walker or just likes that style of clothes.

Then I started to think of what the other parents are saying about Rob and I? And Jax for that matter.. yes I have gone as low as talking about the kids..

So here are a few answers to what I can only imagine they think.

1)  Yes one year ago this September I stopped showering everyday!

2) Rob and I do not breakup in the summer months, you just don't see him cuss he works a lot

3)  Yes Jax is that grumpy most of the time

4)  No I could not possible get anymore junk in my van

5)  Your right, Jax does not listen very well..

6)  Yes Camryn is always that happy

7)  No I do not have any other shoes then my flip flops

8)  Yes I do know there is breakfast on my shirt but your lucky I have pants on..

9)  Looking Tired yeah I am, why you coming over to spend the night up with my kids?

10) Yes I forgot to pack my kids hat yet again.. Bad Parent!!

There think I covered it all :) I know that my friends and I can not be the only ones who do this.. or are we??

Monday, August 22, 2011

11 Months old and got it all figured out!

Growing up I always wished for a big brother, I am the oldest so that of course was not the case. When we found out that we were having a boy the first time around I was soo excited our second child would get what I always wished for a BIG BROTHER..

For Miss Lovely this means a lot of things but lately this means her brother comes to her rescue daily.

Lovely is getting frustrated that she can't walk, she tries her walking toy but when it hits a wall or couch she doesn't know how to move it to get back at it.

Now this has not stopped Lovely from getting around no no she has figured out a method to get this under control let me set the scene.

Movin, walking going good BANG (wall, couch,door, mom's legs something) ah ah ah
footsteps..Jax appears and move the walker.
Hmmm good little system sweetie.. He sure loves you!

I have seen this happen well Jax is watching a show, playing in the other room or upstairs.. I of course watch all this from my seat on the couch with my coffee in one hand. Jax just doesn't get that if she gets frustrated enough she will either walk OR learn to move it.. But the funnier part is that if Jax is in Daycare she never lets out a peep for help.

Lovely I hope your brother comes to help you whenever you find yourself up against a wall.. Just remember a few things 1) mom may be stepping to the side to let you figure it out for yourself. And 2)In the years to come don't get to mad at Flash he is a superhero and when he hears a call for help it is his obligation to come.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good To Know

Hello Saturday!
What's that you say?
What did I learn this week or want to share with you?
Thanks for asking I got a bunch!!

~ Shots of Banana Liquor mixed with just a few beers tired to kill me last Saturday night.

~when wishing for the days to slow down I did not mean the day after a parents night out.. Sunday was TOO long of a day for Momma and Daddy.

~Jillian we may actually get up to Level 2 this week.

~School shopping must blow for people who don't drink..

~Well shopping for a new outfit I asked the sales women does this dress make my butt look big? she said well you have a big butt.. Ha ha LOVE IT!! And I will be rockin the dress next weekend!

~ I believe that someones heart can be soo sad that it almost breaks....

~Breakfast out on a Friday was a great way to start the weekend. Even if Rob has to go to work after

~This song is gonna be my new athem..

I wish that I could have this moment for life was my facebook status this week and at the time I was outside in the sun, with the wind blowing, drinking my afternoon coffee with my sweet baby girl.. No diamonds, No flashy moments or over the top stuff Just life but I was enjoying it.. I Wish I could do that more often just slow down and enjoy..

Everyone Dies but not everyone Lives!!

~pretty sure lovely is not allergic to Penicillin now.. but has something viral.. :( poor girl..

~Our neighbours to the left have not spoken to us since the first week we moved in, this week they have both rapped my ear off and gave us some veggies from their garden??? strange but welcomed..

~Saturday with friends in a backyard to celebrate two miracle babies Don't mind if we do...

I hope your weekend is filled with Moments!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Top Five

TGIF... wow another week gone! I am desperate for the time to slow down but it keeps going quicker.. ah well what can I do?

So another Friday and another list.. here is my top five fave songs right now..

and my fave right now....

Happy Friday and I hope you all enjoy the time off !!

oh and Cheers

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A gem

My grandparents gave us all a gift when they found a gem in Bayfield 35 years ago. This gift was that I grew up spending every single weekend with my Mom,Dad,sister, Aunt , Grandparents, uncle and cousins. I have so many MANY memories but they pale in comparison to reliving it with my kids.

Since I was lucky enough to have the summer off we got to spend a TON of time with our family and a lot of time in Bayfield.

Watching Toad and Lovely spend time with their family and each other making memories fills my heart. I feel blessed that we get to pass this on to them.

But also I got to spend time with my aunt, Dawn and I are only 8 years apart in age so if you do the math I am 20 and she is 28. Growing up we were like sisters in every way, she would give me the gears, she protected me , she taught me a lot of things (much to the dismay of my mom at times) but mostly I looked up to her and I still do. Something cool has happened as I grew up, we became friends... I am so lucky to have her in my life and I have to say in my top 3 things I will miss this coming September it will be spending so much time with her. I love you Dawn and have had a blast this summer with you xoxoxo

Thought I would add some fun pics of them making memories this summer with the peeps we love sooo very much

Thanks for the memories!! xoox

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dear Jaxon

Toad I watch you this weekend at grandpa and said a little prayer, I prayed that as you grow your personality continues to stay the same.

You are so funny, you make people laugh and you light up when they do. I watch in awe as you can get people to gather around you and hold court and your 4.

This summer well at the pool in Bayfield I watched as Cooper and his friends made their way over to hang with you. I watched them crack up laughing as you stood on the deck with your muscles flexed and saying welcome to the gun show ladies, you kissed your arms and jump in. They could not get enough of you. Your four!, but that never crosses your mind.

Your spirit seems bigger then your body, your spirit makes people want to be around you. This is such a gift that I hope as you grow only grows with you. Your excitement for life, cars, soccer, and your family is infectious.

I have spent the last year silently standing beside you or sitting on the floor  watching your relationship grow with one special girl.. She watches your every move, she waits on baited breath for you to look her way, she glows when you play with her and she floats when you put your attention on her. I have seen you grow into a loving, patient and kind brother.  I say it to you each every day but I want it in writing. She is soo lucky to have you as a brother and you are soo lucky to have her as a sister, as for your dad and I our cups runneth over..

One of my favourite things is to watch your wheels turning and see the humour pour out of you.

I hope over time you don't change to fit in with a group or that you forget how much you love hanging with your family. I hope no one ever tells you to tone it down or makes you feel the need to change. I think you are amazing the way you are and I can tell you Toad a lot of people agree. I for one am your biggest fans!

So own who you are, keep making us laugh, remember accidents happen and so do mistake we don't freak we just clean up, keep the hugs and love coming. And remember no one can make you feel less then you are unless you give them the power. But when in doubt just look behind you Dad and i will never be too far away.

Enjoy this next year buddy it's gonna be a great one!

Monday, August 15, 2011

30 days oh Fun has started

Well my friends I am officially in the under 30 days of mat leave. Am I freaking you ask?? OH HELLS YA!! but the other night when I was laying in bed worrying about the transition and all the stuff I want to get done I thought of all the fun stuff I want to do too, the peeps I want to share these 30 days with and the memories I want these kidlets to have.

So let the 30 days of fun begin.. I will spend each day doing something either productive or fun or interesting..

Today is some puttering around the house and a visit to our "fave" park this afternoon.

I want to squeeze these little shorties and hear their laughter as much as possible these next 28 days.. I will post a picture in Pic of the day from the day before to share some of the fun we get up to.  This week Lovely is going to meet her daycare lady and Toad is in school two days so we will get a bunch of fun and a bunch of stuff off our list!

Happy Monday EVERYONE!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

baby lohan

They say that things have to get worse before they get better, Right?  Well that is what happened around this place, Lovely went from spots to full on hives. And a lot of them.

Tuesday night Miss Lovely fell asleep pretty fast due to our long day at the hospital plus the Benadryl didn't hurt. I went and got her at 10 to eat I noticed the change and was freakin out.. Needless to say I did not sleep at all that night and in the morning this was what my sweetie looked like

As the morning went on her hives got brighter and multiplied. I was scared so I got on the horn and got her into see her doctor. Thankfully my dad was off and able to hang with Flash so I could go and listen to the dr and not worry about him.

When Dr Butchie saw her his first words were OH NO and I need to get a second opinion.. Yikes I said! After a powwow around my baby it was decided that we were blessed to even be having this talk as Camryn was suffering from a severe allergic reaction to penicillin and our baby girl was not well at all. I left with more meds for her and thankfully today she is looking perfect and almost has no marks at all! Now this girl is on more drugs then Lindsay Lohan but in a few days she should be back to normal... Insert Yawn momma is TIRED but thankful.
Here are a few more pics of our baby girl

Never lost your smile

sooo sad

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Speckled Beauty.

For 3 years I was a mother of one, and I always got pissed off when someone would say oh your a first time mom.

Today I got it, Lovely woke up with some small dots on her belly I took a look and brushed it off as a heat rash or nothing at all. If this had been the Toad I would have been on the phone dialing  9 1 1. Not today and not with #2, I had a coffee date with my buddy and momma was not gonna miss it.

When we got to Amanda I had her look at Lovely's dots and we both decided it didn't look bad. We discussed what we had learnt the first time around and how it was only on the trunk of her body so we were good to let it go.
Now I am only 10 months into being a second time mom so at times I revert to first time mom mode and decided it would not hurt to call the Dr office. They confirmed that if it was on her trunk we were good to stay BUT that if it spread to her arms or face to call back.

Coffee? Don't mind if I do! Visit with my chicks? YES please add in some fun new borrowed work clothes? THANK YOU VERY MUCH..

When it was time to say good bye I noticed the dots had moved.. Yep they were on her arm and up the side of her face.. CRAP.

Dial in the Doctors office and got the word.. Emergency Room was in our future. 

Lets just say that by the time we got to the ER Miss Lovely was COVERED.. I think my kid is pretty sweet and cute but man oh man she looked like DEATH..
My poor baby girl.. so sad!

poor little polka dot baby..

Our sweet baby girl was sick and I didn't know what to do. First time mom, second time mom or 10th time mom when your baby is sick it makes you feel helpless.

We had to wait a bit but the verdict is that our sweet baby most likely has a penicillin allergy. We have been told by the Dr and the pharmacist that we are lucky and that this could have been a very serious reaction. Now we know and we can make sure we keep our baby girl safe from this for the next little while till we can properly test her.

Lovely you are so very special to our family and your dad and I are sorry you have to feel sick or uncomfortable but we will do all we can to make these next few days as comfortable and easy for you as we can. xoxo

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dear Parent / Guardian

Well I may have just found my mojo.... So Toad you will be cruising to school on the big yellow bus in 4 weeks, I am not going to lie this thought makes me throw up a bit in my mouth.
I worry that you will not be able to make it up the steps with your little backpack on, that as you look down the long walk way you will wonder why I am making you do this on your own,  I worry you will fall or hurt yourself on the bus and be scared and embarrassed forced to handle it alone.
I worry that someone will be mean to you or make fun of you , I am scared that you will miss the stop or get scared and not want to get off at school. I swear the list goes on and on.

Today we received a letter in the mail from the Southwestern Ontario Student Transportation Services that put a brand new fear into me... Let me quote part of the letter

As a reminder, SK/JK students must be accompanied to the and met at the bus stop by a parent/guardian (REALLY? STRANGE is it frowned upon to let a 4 or 5 year old wander the streets unsupervised???). If a parent or guardian is not at the bus stop, the bus driver will keep the student on the vehicle and return the student to the school upon completion of the route(Oh good so if my before and after lady who also does daycare is late Toad gets a extra long cruise on the Yellow Submarine? Sweet). If school staff are not available to assume responsibility for the student, the student may be taken to Children's Aid.  PARDON ME? Did you say Children's Aid??

Note to Self remember to double check Granny Nanny schedule to be sure she is never late picking up the Toad or he and his new foster brother and sister will be enjoying dinner well Rob and I fight to get our kid back from CAS.. This STS means business!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

911- I have an Emergency

Have you ever known something was wrong with you but just not sure what it was?

I have and for a few weeks now knew something had happened to me. I didn't know if it happened while out with the kids or had it happened here at home? I didn't know.

Either way I was scared, I knew it was bad but like most people I didn't want to admit something was wrong.

So I did what anyone does now a days and I hit the Internet. I spent hours googling my symptoms NOTHING.
I would lay in bed awake wondering what was going on, and I was scared that life would never be as it was before.

I debated talking to my friends and family about it but didn't want to worry anyone. I would never go to Rob as I knew what he would say.
But then last week I found my answer in a fellow blogger post. It was like Oprah told me it would be, AH HA!!!

I lost my bloggy Mojo!! AH HA.

As I read the post I knew she was there with me. I knew she had those desperate moments where you get to 3 in the afternoon and think mother father nothing funny has happened, or sweet or interesting or anything really !

I have spent the last few weeks sweating and worrying and really it is just a stage! I need to let it roll..
So I am sure much like the toad's penis obsession this stage will pass and I will be back with something funny to say soon..

Till then if you love me please do something funny in front of me please!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Good To Know

* When your baby will not go to sleep the only place to be is the Potter's Cabana!

* Point two Gundry's will someday have a Cabana.. maybe not that nice but we will have something!

*I feel like quoting Nicki Minaj "someone please tell him(toad) who the F I is"!!! Because I said are 3 words I say most in a day.

*I can handle 3 kids and still go pee..who knew

*I have 5 weeks to get my brain back!! HELP

* was reminded again this week that life is SHORT please hug your peeps and tell them you love them as much as you can

*Allowance sucks! Toad is trying to take me out one long ass trip to the Cars section at a time.

*Going back to work will feel like a vacation after some of the days on this job.

* I am not sure if your suppose to work out and then drink a beer but I like it.

*I will have a kid in school in 4 weeks someone want to fill me in on how that happened? Am I not 19?

*Everyone should try a little drink my family has been rockin for the past 3 years, we call it a Tuesday Afternoon Smirnoff calls it the Rocket.. whatever you call it, it is yummy! Half Smirnoff Ice Half Beer = ALL GOOD!! I like to add some ice.

*If Brendan Cures Cancer I will eat my whole god damn Christmas Tree! Stand and all!

*Last Soccer game today!

*As if Hockey for a 4 year old is 550 bucks!! !HOLY SHIT!!

little plug for a awesome facebook page... Check it out. Tell your Friends

AND HAPPY SATURDAY may you find a hot coffee a cold beer and a friend to enjoy it all with xoxoxo

Friday, August 5, 2011

Top Five

If Rob had his way our kids would not eat solid food till they are in college, he is so afraid of choking. So like any good mom/wife would do I sneak give Lovely her solids and once she survives the experience I tell him. What?!? When your at work from 4:30am till 5:30 pm a lot happens and I can't remember to tell you everything.

So Lovely's Top Five BIG girl foods

1. Nutrigrain bars- LOVE is not even a strong enough word... Munch's it all up, almost a whole bar for breakfast. I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that she has been eating nothing but Oatmeal Cereal for the past 6 months.

2. Say Cheese! This is my helper during prep time for dinner as well as a helper to allow Rob and I to eat. She loves her some cheese and I love the time it takes her to eat it all.

3. Yo Gurt! any flavour and as much as she can get!

4. Grill Cheese maybe has something to do with #2 but either way she L O V E'S it! The other day she ate almost half of one all to herself.

5. Apples. Toad loves to take little bits off his and feed them to her, I am not sure if she loves the apple or the time and focus her brother puts on her but either way she loves Apples.

So after all this I just figured it out, I have a Lovely pot belly piggy for a baby!! And I couldn't be happier...

Happy Weekend! I hope you all enjoy your food this weekend as much as our Lovely is enjoying her new experiences with it...

Monday, August 1, 2011

An Idea

As I movin into the 6 week countdown to my return to work, I have a lot of fun stuff I want to get done with the kids, I have a long list of things I want to get done around the house, I have weight I want to lose and friends I need to spend time with. So I have a fun Idea.....
I found this little thing a while ago,

I love it all but I mostly love the one line that says if you feel like you don't have enough time stop watching TV and I think it is sooo true! My idea is to not give up tv but to use my time wisely and not waste so much of it. I really truly believe we lose part of our life in front of the tv..

So when Lovely goes for her first nap I use that time to work out and shower , then the next nap I sit and watch tv or go on the computer well friends that is going to change.. lets see how much I can do in 6 weeks if I cut out that tv... I will keep a list of things I get done I am excited to see how this will work..

See you TV hello Life!!
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