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Monday, January 31, 2011

T-minus 31 days

Till this chick has to sport a bathing suit AHHHHHHHHHHHH. I feel a pit in my belly.. March 1st is fast approaching, see Rob and I are not jetting away to an exotic island filled with tropical drinks to distract me of the mental image of what I truly look like in my suit.. OH no I will be strutting this post baby body across the pool deck of the Tillsonburg Community Center, Lovely and I are signed up for mom and tots swimming. I loved this experience when I did it on mat leave with the toad, however something has changed since then.. There are WAY more bikini's at mom's and tots. The toad swimming's on Tuesday nights and they have a mom's and tots program prior to his swim, I was shocked to see not one but maybe 6 mom's in bikini.. I of course panicked and thought my god I never got back in a bikini after having toad let alone after Lovely. After the first time I noticed this I ran up to the observation deck (yeah that is right well your in your suit other parents and anyone at the complex get to watch you jiggle your ass across the deck from above) and told Rob of my concern, he in his sweet way informed me that all the parents know that the observation glass adds 15 pounds to you :) Thanks Honey but that is not going to cut it. So last night after a long weekend of skating, cleaning and family fun I got this big butt on the treadmill for the first time since Lovely was born. It felt great! I don't think I want to put that bathing suit on yet, but what if I watch what I eat and exercise maybe just maybe I will feel better on March 1st with those playmates at swimming...

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