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Monday, January 31, 2011

Saturday Date

I remember when I first started to date my hubby, he would always plan these awesome and very sweet dates mostly on Saturdays. I would get dressed up and we would enjoy great food, some drinks and mostly tons of laughs. He was always a gentleman and sweet. After two kids and almost 10 years we don’t get to do many dates anymore, but today I was lucky enough to get asked out.. A Saturday date wow I am spoiled.  This date was going to be a good one I just knew it!! I had all the pre date excitement will we laugh, will the food be good, will the movie be good, will he be a gentleman. So my date and I got dressed he in his batman pj’s and I in my hubby’s comfy pants. We made our food of choice and that was some of the best popcorn ever. He opened my drink just like a gentleman, and an apple juice drink box straw can be hard when your three…. the two of us got in our spots on the couch and pressed play. As the movie began my dashing date handed me individual piece of popcorn before helping himself to some. My sweet boy was being so kind. He talked me through the movie incase I was having trouble following the story( he is the Toy Story expert in our house). We sat close together, we held hands at times and most of all we laughed A LOT.. and that to me will always make a great date! And I still feel very spoiled …. I hope you all get to have your own special Saturday Date night today!

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