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Monday, January 31, 2011

Given Up On Life

Earlier this week I was at our local yummy Pita joint grabbing some lunch, as I was leaving with my awesome Turkey Club pita I saw a clown car of teenage girls heading back to school. I thought to myself my god they have totally given up on life at 16 out with sweatpants on, oversized sweatshirt and hair pulled back in a headband looking like it has not been washed or done in days. My god we would have rather die in highschool then go out looking like that. As I was thinking how they could leave the house looking that way I caught a glimpse of myself in the rearview mirror.. YIKES I was one of them I had my hair pulled back in a clip (not washed for at least 1 days) and my make up was left over from the day before.. After that I continued to check myself out. YIKES paint stained sweatshirt (KL I think the room will look ten times better once painted) WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ME.. I flipped my head up looking long and hard at myself in the mirror again ohhhhh wait a second I am not at all like those Highschool girls who had given up on life.. no cuss I was 20 years older than them and it showed that day in my sleep deprived eyes, and 40 if not more pounds heavier than them I am. But see I have not given up on Life Nope not at all No I have 2 kids! YEPPER those little Lindsay Lohan should take a long look at me.. I am a walking birth control ad.   I use to be pulled together, I use to think for the love of god women did you not notice your kid puke on your shoulder before you left the house? But now I know she did notice she just didn’t have time to change. I will work at a New Years Resolutions 1) Get out of the sweats back into the jeans (even if they are still my Mat jeans) and 2) for the love of all things holy take a shower each day you dirty old lady…

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  1. Ha ha hilarious!

    I know what you mean. When we were in high school it was all about the body suits with fringes and frills and the coloured jeans. Now it seems that to be 'cool' you need to wear the baggiest pair of sweats with the bulkiest of sweat shirts.

    And you're right, we look this way because we've EARNED it!!


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