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Monday, October 24, 2011

See Yeah

just gonna pretend that i have been writing everyday and carry on with a post.. sorry for the lack of them :(

Toad has never ever been good with goodbye's. He cries, freaks out and or will not say those words. So when he was little his Nonna and Papa started something that made it a bit easier on him and helped Rob and I get him to the car. They would come to the driveway to say goodbye (even in the dead of winter), they would wave and do "their special" I love you as we drove out. We would roll down Jax window and they would point to their eye, then their heart then to him and the whole time yelling I LOVE YOU.

We used this for daycare too as he had trouble saying goodbye. I would stand at the door point to my eye, point to my heart then to him and say I LOVE YOU. Then he would back up I run up the stairs and do it again.(all through a window) I LOVE YOU then we wave and say have a good day (he says it too) and I love you , have a good day I love you 2x and then i say bye and he runs off to play. We never miss a day of this routine as it makes him happy and he feels better saying goodbye.

Little did I know how much this meant to me! Friday he said Bye mom, Have a good day from the play area. I said um Toad want to head to the door to do "our goodbye" he didn't even look at me and just said um no! Have a good day mom.

So i left , it didn't really bother me but today he did it again. Bye have a good one mom is what he said to me. Lovely and I are home today so we headed up the stairs and I stopped at the top tears filling my eyes as I knew that special moment each day is gone. I turned and hoped he would be there (he wasn't) and I said bye i love you, have a good day toad..

Why is he getting so big? Why is it so hard on me? Why do i want him to grow up but then in a second feel like I want him to be little FOREVER!

Toad this little moment each day made me smile. it was our thing, it was our way to start the day with love. I can picture you so small your little chubby fingers pointing to your eye and heart and then to me. Now I see you and your fingers are thinning and your growing so tall I can't wait to find our new moments. I will work hard to figure out what that looks like for Big boys ! But thanks for each and every awesome moment over the last 4 years xoxoxo

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  1. It is heartbreaking isn't it!! What a great piece, you had me all choked up. My oldest is going to be 13 in December!! I look at him turning into a teenager and yet I can't help but think of the little baby in my front pack with his chicken hat on! It really seems like yesterday! Thanks for a great post!


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